Thursday, May 19, 2011

Medvedev warns of new Cold War over missile defence

Medvedev, Russian President

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Medvedev warns of new Cold War over missile defence

  • President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday warned the West it would face a new Cold War if it failed to address Russia's concerns over a proposed missile defence shield for Europe.
  • U.S. decision to push ahead with construction of the missile defense system despite Russia's objections will force Moscow to take retaliatory measures -- something that we would very much rather not do.
  • Russian leader also affirmed that any earlier threat to pull out of the new START disarmament agreement, which entered into force this year, then the missile shield is deployed.
  • Moscow has been fighting NATO to deploy a system that the West sees as a means of protection, from nations such as Iran. However Russia believes could potentially be deployed against its own defenses.
  • Russia’s biggest fear is that the shield could one day be turned around and instead of shooting down incoming missiles be used to attack Russian soil.
  • Medvedev wants to been in cooperation and work together with NATO to prevent any unneeded feud. 

-       Nuclear waste and disposal of greenhouse gases producing the defense system.
-       The discretion of the environment, when developing the necessary system.
-       Russia believes that the US will turn on them and use the system against them.
-       US continued production against Russia’s objections to the subject.
-       Moscow wants to retaliate by building a defense system of their own.
-       This issue may throw us back into another Cold War.
-       If a Cold war were to occur again, it would cause a depression or economic down fall.
-       Citizens of Russia may grow their hate towards the west.
-       If the US were to attack, lots of innocent lives would be destroyed.

-       Millions of dollars is required to build this system.
-       Government may become bankrupt and the people of the country will suffer.
-       Economically it is scary as in the Cold War it was clear of the economic downfall Russia dealt with.


How Did this Issue Start? 
How can this Issue be Resolved
This issue started after WW11 when Russia and the Untied States were in a war called “ The Cold War”. For a period of time, the two superpowers tried to out arm the other in nuclear weapons. From there the Untied States developed an allies trust called NATO. Russia not included created their allegiance, “ The War Saw Pact”. Since that day, Russia has never been invited or considered in NATO, then creating this current issue. With the feud between the countries, it doesn’t allow much compromise. That has led to the ignorance of Russia’s wishes and may be lead to the retaliation of Russia’s own missile dense system.

Inviting Russia into the deciding and planning process can solve this issue. If it were a threat to Russia why wouldn’t they have the chance to voice their opinion? There have been invitations for Russia to voice its concerns in formal meetings but refused to provide Moscow with a formal role in the shield's operation that it seeks. What’s that point, a simple solution, is allow Russia a role in which they have a little say to what happens so they, themselves feel secure and safe. In this issue the solutions are limited, because of the power NATO has over what Russia says, because clearly another Cold War isn’t a solution worth considering.



        With a threat of another Cold War, this world may experience a true economic downfall. In the last Cold War it was clear that economics was key, why go through such turmoil again? In the world economics is already a struggle, why strain it with a missile defense system creating conflicts between countries. Russia and the United States have never gotten along and with this new plan it’ll just create bigger problem that will raise the conflict again. With this new issue it’ll just make the conflict grow, and cause a bigger more, finically unstable Cold War this time around. In life we always say share and value each other’s opinion, well in this issue it isn’t happening. Russia is being forgotten and left with no choice but to retaliate. Therefore just by including Russia in the planning process they won’t feel threatened will not continue retaliation and make the threat vanish.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

GM soy: The invisible ingredient 'poisoning' children

GM soy: The invisible ingredient 'poisoning' children
  • “Soy destroys people’s lives,” she says. “It is a poison. It is no way to live. Soy is deadly to us”.
  • 11 year old son dies of by genetically modified soy
  • The golden crop looks like a bumper harvest but for her it is a symbol of death.
  • The son got sprayed by one of the mosquitoes (the spraying machines behind a tractor).
  • For people living around Genetically Modified soy fields spraying with chemicals is a common occurrence/
  •  The boy was violently sick, he kept telling his  mu, that his bones ache, and his skin went black.
  • By the time they arrived in the city Silvino ( the son) was paralysed, all the doctors could do was administer pain killers, while his mother wiped the foam from his mouth. In a few hours he had died.
  • For the family it was clearly a horrific death was caused by chemical intoxication but in their grief no autopsy was ever carried out.
  • After years of campaigning that Petrona (the mom) managed to get the case to court. Eventually two local farmers were convicted of causing the death, though it is unclear whether they have ever been sent to prison.
  • Petrona is sure of one thing, that her son’s death was caused by GM soy and we should listen to her because we are eating it.
  • Every single supermarket in Britain stocks meat and dairy from animals fed GM soy.
  • Leading brands including Cadbury, Unilever and Dairycrest, also use products from livestock fed GM.
  • Likely at least one item of food you eat today will have come from an animal fed GM soy, whether it was the milk on your cereal or the bacon in your sandwich.
  • Paraguay, a landlocked country in the heart of South America, is on the front line of the new craze for growing ‘green gold’


Health effects from genetically modified food to not only the environment but the people as well. 

When a developing nation does protest against GM foods, the results can be politically controversial. In 2003, Zambia refused GM foods primarily maize from the food program developed by the United Nations. The result was that the population was left without aid, leading to disastrous results given that there was a famine.
Potential human health that has an impact on, including allergens, transfer of antibiotic resistance markers, unknown effects
Bringing a GM food to market is a lengthy and costly process, and of course agri-biotech companies wish to ensure a profitable return on their investment.
Harm to other organisms within the habitant. showing that pollen from B.t. corn caused high mortality rates in monarch butterfly caterpillars.

Ignored cases that deal with this problem is causing criminals to get away with death and letting them do it again.
New advances may be skewed to interests of rich countries. From big wealthy companies ruining the lives of farmers by taking their jobs.
Many new plant genetic engineering technologies and GM plants have been patented, and patent infringement is a big concern of agribusiness.
Reduced effectiveness of pesticides. mosquitoes developed resistance to the now-banned pesticide DDT, many people are concerned that insects will become resistant to B.t. or other crops that have been genetically-modified to produce their own pesticides.
Taliban insurgents often inflate casualties inflicted on Afghan government forces and foreign troops.
The poorer are getting poorer while the rich are getting richer from genetically modified food products. Causing poverty amongst the people of developing nations that are depleting jobs. 
Patenting these new plant varieties will raise the price of seeds so high that small farmers and third world countries will not be able to afford seeds for GM crops, thus widening the gap between the wealthy and the poor.
Gene transfer to non-target species. Crop plants are engineered for herbicide tolerance and weeds will cross-breed, resulting in the transfer of the herbicide resistance genes from the crops into the weeds.

People of developing nations are losing things like farming that has been in their family for generations. This isn’t fair to lose a part of which you’ve done your whole and it is causing distress to the people of the nations.
Farmers are losing their jobs and their life to these companies coming into their country. Causing them to be unemployed and losing hope in their country and justice, as they feel its not fair they lose their life for people to make money off of their living.

How the issue Got Started?
How the Issue can be Resolved?
Genetically modified foods originated in the 1940s but progressed the most when it hit the 1970s. It all started with a tomato to make it ripen faster and when that was a success they then moved on to other foods to increase revenue.  Recently their new target is the soy plantations in Paraguay. From their rich soil, the booming soy, the “invisible ingredient” was the main aspect for companies trying to get rich. Soy was now in everything, at lease one item of food you eat today will come from animal fed GM soy. Therefore this isn’t just an isolated problem, it is a world issue creating problems all over the world. Is it far for companies to get rich while people are suffering on a everyday basis. 
This issue can be resolved by putting more government restrictions on companies and hat they do to food. Obviously this is killing people, and ruining peoples lives. Everyday families in these countries have to risk in each day in wondering if they will be poisoned. What is more important life or money? Right now it is money as the common saying is “ money is what makes the world go round.” However this much change and allow governments and police to get involved and put in polices that disallow   this action of genetically modifying food to make a profit sooner. Even though the demand is high, we need to look as it is everywhere and people are dyeing so, where are our priorities?

My Opinion

     With genetically modified food, there are both pros and cons on the subject. In my mind, I think that genetically modified foods can be good in certain circumstances. On one hand it is an excellent way to combat hunger in many third world countries but on the opposing side, health and environmental ramifications of genetically modified food can pose a risk that makes people consider the worth of his endeavour. As seen in the article above, genetically modified food has the potential to pose great health risks, so serious human life can ultimately be put in jeopardy. Another example of this health risk is Golden Rice in China. About 7 years ago, a company in China modified rice. This was seen as a great benefit because it was more cost effective. But then reports of poisoning started to show up on the news. This was quickly investigated by the Chinese authorities and also by other world authorities, and was found to be a direct link to the Golden Rice.
   Now that we can see the negative effects of GM foods, I would like to talk about my view of the positive aspect of them. In third world countries more and more GM foods are being used to feed the hungry. When genetically modified foods are produced they can be sold at a cheaper price because more is produced. This fact makes it possible for people that have a lower economic status to buy the food that they need to keep they and their families alive.
   So in the end, my view on this is both good and bad. I like the fact that they can feed masses for cheaper thus combating world hunger, but on the other had the health risk that becomes a facor of these products can and sometimes do out way the pros.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Suicide Bomber kills 23 People in Afghanistan's Southeast

Afghan Civilans 

Suicide Bomber kills 23 People in Afghanistan's Southeast
  • Three suicide bombers killed 23 people and wounded dozens more in an attack on a construction firm in Afghanistan’s restive southeast
  • Taliban claimed responsibility for the assault
  • Violence across Afghanistan has sky rocketed in the past year, with Taliban led militants stepping up their fight against the Afghan government and its Western backers
  • Kabul prepares to take over responsibility for security gradually from foreign forces.
  • The attackers forced their way into the firm’s compound after killing a security guard and then detonated a truck packed with explosives.
  • The firm was one of the largest construction companies in the province funded by the U.S. government.
  • Insurgents are said to have safe havens from which they launch attacks inside Afghanistan.
  • The Islamist group had carried out the attack but said it had been on a military base and that 49 foreign and Afghan troops had been killed and wounded.
  • Taliban insurgents often inflate casualties inflicted on Afghan government forces and foreign troops.
  • The violence underscores the challenges ahead as U.S. and NATO forces begin to hand over security responsibility to Afghan troops, allowing foreign troops to withdraw gradually from an increasingly unpopular war.
  • The withdrawal of all foreign combat troops be by 2014.


Health effects from weapons applied to destroy enemy targets.

Afghanistan's government is being threatened by rebel groups (Taliban)
Illness’s amongst the people from poor living conditions.
Bombers targeted one of the largest construction companies in the province funded by the U.S. government, therefore making an economic statement towards the United States.
It is estimated that ten thousand villages, and their surrounding environments were destroyed.
U.S and NATO forces begin to hand over security responsibility to Afghan troops
Health issues from weapons side effects in the country.
Every time a bomb goes off it causes true destruction requiring rebuilding which leads to money. 
Safe drinking water declined, because of a destruction of water infrastructure and resulting leaks, bacterial contamination and water theft.
Taliban insurgents often inflate casualties inflicted on Afghan government forces and foreign troops.
Many family members lost in death poll from suicide bombers and overall the war thats happening.
Terrorism financing within the country of Afghanistan requires black markets defeating the purpose of having a stable economy. 
Taliban members illegally trading timber in Pakistan destroyed much of the forest cover.
US will reduce all troops by 2014
Peoples lives significantly ruined by the effects of the bombs and war that is occurring
Illegal arms and parts are sold to the Taliban allowing them to carry out there attacks, providing the groups providing the arms a lot of money. 



How the issue Got Started?
How the Issue can be Resolved?
Afghanistan’s issues started in 1979 where the Soviet Union invaded them as they share a border. During that time the cold war was occurring and the United States were worried of a communist government being established. From there the United States were always involved in the Afghans wars. It got serious when 9/11 happened making the United States fight back. From there they haven't left and are still fighting the oppressive forces; the Taliban
They’re will always be war in Afghanistan unless the United States leave and the Taliban gets what they want. The problem is the government of Afghanistan and US don’t want to let that happen; therefore causing an issue that will never end. But there is a plan ready to withdraw all NATO forces  by the year 2014. This may cause the Taliban to take over or in that time settle down and with forces leaving the fight ending? This question will be pending until the year 2014 occurs.
My Opinion 

            With Afghanistan’s conflict rising, more death is occurring everyday. This is from the oppressive force that is at war with Afghan’s government, and NATO. This force is the Taliban, a militia group that rules large parts of Afghanistan. Since 9/11 the problem has escalated to a point where there is a full-fledged war with the United States of America. As after the past year violence has spiraled in the past year, with Taliban-led militants stepping up their fight against the Afghan government and its Western backers as Kabul prepares to take over responsibility for security gradually from foreign forces. As the most recent attack killed 23 people, they, the Taliban, upping there violent attacks towards the government. With the attacks being so strong that doors and windows were blown out of nearby houses, it was clear of the intention that they wanted to strike a powerful punch. This shows how far they are willing to go to make a point to the world that there not messing around and they mean business. However this was clear in 9/11, they haven’t given up hope for there cause to retain power. If they do not stop many more will die and destruction will become an everyday occurrence for the civilians of Afghanistan. 

            This is an issue that cannot be ignored, as the casualties are high and still growing from this on going event. Many families are going though emotional issues as death cause grieving processes that may last a lifetime. This is a problem that can’t be resolved as were to far deep in the issue. Even though were looking at a complete withdrawal of military service by 2014, I believe if we pull out not, and let them resolve the issue it may work out better that way. It may back fire though as the Taliban may just walk in and take over causing destruction throughout the whole country, creating a never-ending chaos. Therefore with they’re always being conflict and with years trying to erase it and not being successful, there really isn’t an easy solution. As there isn’t an easy fix with not many options available.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

US Bombing raids with no-flyzone policy in Libya

USA's air craft Carrier sailing to Libya

US Bombing raids after No-Fly zone policy was put in Place in Libya
  • By enforcing a no-fly zone over a Libya it will require bombing the north African nation's air defense systems. This is warned by US commander General James Matis warned the world today.
  • United States and its allies are weighing possible military action, therefore a no-fly zone was enforced, to stop Libya's Muammar Gaddafi from using his forces to crush mounting opposition/ near by cities.
  • Even though Gaddafi’s military are outgunned by US and NatO aircrafts, they have dozens of surface-to-air missiles that could be shoot down and destroy allied warplanes trying to break Gaddafi’s defense.
  • The US military is going to look to knock out adversary’s air defense missiles and  radar.
  • The United States are now pressing on with a naval and air forces towards Libya including a warship with hundreds of marines.
  • Earlier this evening the USS Kearsarge ( an assault ship accompanied by two naval other naval vessels) is carrying with them; 800 marines, a fleet of helicopters, and medical facilities, ready to support humanitarian efforts as well with military operations. 
  • So far military operations are unclear but the support is there. 
  • the deployment of naval and air forces near Libya was not an empty gesture, as a show of force and rebellion is in its self a increase in pressure to Gaddafi.
  • An American aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, which has fighter jets that could enforce a possible no-fly zone, could also be called upon for the Libya crisis.
  • Italy will be the housing area for US bases regarding operations for the no- fly zone.
  • The US might have to request Tunisia or Egypt for permission to use their air fields.
  • Gaddafi’s forces defeated after the West heaped pressure on the loyalist’s trying to take their city. 

As there is a limited amount of rain per year water is scarce and will be even harder with Gaddafi pressuring on with his rant. 
A dramatic revolt against the people of Libya by the government is causing killings and world AID involving military. 
Innocent citizens are being terrorized by military with mass murders and death threats. 
Gas Prices are going to experience rapid rises as Gaddafi is threatening to blow up all of his oil operations.  
If there is a war the landscape will be ruined and the people will have to start a brand new life as bombings are devastating. 
Revolts against the government are growing as citizens are volunteering to fight against Gaddafi and his army.  Causing Gaddafi to press back
Gaddafi’s military left the citizens poverty stricken as they went throughout the town in a tirade taking all of their valuables and all the money left with them. 
US spending with Arms will increase as the pressing military forces are increasing and if a war breaks out the spending will continue.
With Gaddafi’s threats its making life that much harder, the effect of the harsh environment will make it even harder.
Gaddafi’s air force pilots are purposely miss firing against a town as the collateral damage would be far greater then the gain, defying Gaddafi’s direct orders. 
Citizens in America will be having to deal with  a inflation in gas prices therefore making the everyday life harder for the citizens of United States..
As Libya exports 80% of its oil to all of Europe, will cause the prices to change dramatically and economic faith will be lost .



How the issue Got Started?
How the Issue can be Resolved?
The protests in Libya started February 15th, 2011as they followed suit from the protests that occurred in Tunisia and Egypt that had positive outcomes. The Libyans were tired of being repressed and living in fear and finally got the encouragement to revolt after the following success of the the protest’s in other arab countries. Therefore leading to the United States getting involved by freezing their assets and sending military AID against  Gaddafi’s military. 
This issue can be resolved by eliminating suppressing threats of Gaddafi’s army. This will be by eliminating their resources for infantry and air crafts. This will be by doing bomb raids by the US as they are going to be doing soon.  Also by providing the need pressure to back Gaddafi in a corner to finally let him know that is reign is over. With providing the military offense it will allow Gaddafi to know that there is a threat but we will have to act fast cause if not it can end it a very horrific way. 

My Opinion 
With Gaddafi’s army threatening Libya's people there is measures that will be needed to contain this threat from expanding and from another dictator escaping from devastation. This has now progressed into a no- fly zone in Libya not allowing Gaddafi to escape or bomb cities that are revolting against him. As, the no-fly zone is intact the US are now sending military air and land to destruct all air fields and resources regarding air transportation; military and personal. I believe this a necessary action has if not many lives will be ruined and ended in this war with in its country. As, the hope and faith within the crash of this government is growing with in the people, for devastation and murder to occur, it could defiantly cause quick end to the ever growing hope. Therefore a needed action is demanded because the people are suffering, Gaddafi is pursuing is actions on a world wide scale threatening oil and if actions are not pursued this will end a horrific way just not for Libya but for the world. If bombing raids are the only way to help end this conflict, then in this case it is necessary to go through with the plan as if not the US and the rest of the world will be in an economic down fall. 
As many arab countries are revolting around the world, Libya’s protest is the most horrific and scariest one as it’s affects are world wide with murder and military involved. So far the only resolution available is start a war, as Gaddafi is threatening with force instead of stepping down. He is only already planning bomb raids, murder, and murder among his own people. His reign in power has been so much fort he people that they are volunteering there own life to fight against the leader. As Gaddafi as made it clear he won’t settle for peace and wont negotiate there isn't really room for peace. Therefore in this matter the only solution is military options and rescue among the people, getting everybody who is at risk out of te country and move in the army to defeat and conquer Gaddafi. 

-Brandon Richards-

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Zealand Economy's Suffers from Earthquake

Quake hits fragile New Zealand Economy

  • Rescue crews search for survivors from the deadly Christchurch earthquake on Tuesday.
  • The earthquake has now lowered and scared the confidence in New Zealand’s fragile economy.
  • The dollar of New Zealand ( the Kiwi) dropped about 2% hours following the earthquake.
  • Caused more damage and deaths then the earthquake in September that cost New Zealand $3 billion dollars.
  • The Nations Budget will finally hit a surplus by 2015
  • Interest Rates must be cut instead of the expected raise.
  • It may not be all bad as jobs will be needed to rebuild and investment opportunities will be opened therefore helping the economy.
  • Landmarks and treasured buildings like the Christchurch Cathedral are left in ruins.
  • Christchurch makes up of 10-15% of the national economy and with this earthquake it will be in shut down for a few weeks
  • A lot of New Zealand citizens will be taking their insurance money and relocating instead of rebuilding.
  • After shocks may last 6 months causing continuous problems and hardships throughout. 


Buildings Destroyed causing health hazards and insufficient living environments for the people.
New Zealand's government will be facing many challenges and controversies throughout the AID and emigrants in their country.
Families are being abandoned from relocation as after shocks keep occurring.
The Kiwi ( their dollar) went down 2% following the earthquake

Living Conditions altered and will have to relocate as their homes have been destroyed.
The issues resolving the decisions deciding on what buildings will be rebuilt and what the citizens needs are on the reconstructing of the political and religious landmarks.
Death of many people of 65 women, men, and children, therefore ending some family trees and causing psychological brands for people lasting a life time.
Their earthquake in september costs them $3 billion dollars now with the up coming earthquake is costing them more money on top of that.

Will take an unexpected amount of time to fix the environmental damage caused by the earthquake

Heirlooms and treasured possessions are lost causing a ripple in family history.  
Christchurch (where earthquake it) makes up 10-15 percent of the final National economy but now it is in a shut down for a while.

Currently there is 200 people trapped in New Zealand in damaged buildings with earthquakes that are rating at 5.1 magnitude causing a frantic scene through out the city of Christchurch. 
New Zealand’s economy down fall will be a noticeable one but the rebuilding of the country will create more jobs and business will boom creating a boost and help in the recovering economy.


How Did this Issue Start?
How Should it be Resolved?
This issue started when an earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand on February 21st, 2011. Causing significant damage and killing 65 people. This has now caused economic issues with there dollar decreasing and billions of dollars needing to rebuild their destroyed countries. With People leaving their country is in a lost in money and tax with lost jobs. As there economy was downshifting before the quake it has now made the issue even worse.
The loss suffered cant be resolved but can be mended over time. This can be done by Countries lending money to New Zealand to jumpstart their country. Also by providing help to the people with rescue teams and essential comfort needed it will help restore help among the people. As peoples heirlooms and family members can not be replaced this problem overall can’t be fixed but providing help to the government of New Zealand to help their much needed crippled economy. 


My Opinion 

      As New Zealand’s economy was already suffering before the earthquake occurred the future implications of the quake will devastate the economy for a period of time that will cause hardship on many citizens. This devastation has caused such an impact that people are taking their insurance and leaving the country to start brand new in a world they have never seen instead of dealing with the horrific consequences.  With the environmental damages at hand, New Zealand will never be the same. As after effects keep occurring ( averaging at 4.1 - 6.1 magnitude) the damage only gets worse with more lives lost. This is affecting not only people, but the country as a whole. With Christchurch averaging about 10-15 percent of the national economy that will be a significant loss to the nations economy. This is going to be a moment in New Zealand’s history that will never be forgotten and will remain a fear in the citizens of this nation.
Over these past few years there has been many tragic events from the tsunami in Thailand, to hurricane Katrina, to the earthquakes in Haiti and Chili, comes another devastating event in the history of man kind. As we all know that these natural disasters can never be complete solved as traces will always be left behind and the country will never look or function the same way. Although we can provide AID services and allow the company to grow back its economy faster by lending money so it can sustain the event. This can be done by holding national fundraiser events all over the world to raise money to help the rebuilding of the country and peoples lives. Although, sadly there is a bias in the world that forgets about the developed countries and concentrates its focus’s more on the third world countries more because they need more help. But in reality every country no matter the status needs the same amount of help as the other. As the publicity and media focus was outstanding when Haiti go hit with even a song being produced by world famous artists to raise money. But when New Zealand gets a devastation with 65 people dead and 200 help captive under the rubble there is only minimal coverage for a small period of time. Even though the economy has taken a huge blow it will slowly recover as jobs will be created and money will be spent within the country to rebuild everything that was destroyed. Hopefully people around the world will take another look at the overall cause of the New Zealand’s earthquake and take more consideration into the fact that they need our help, and that they need the worlds help as it will not be an easy ride back to the normality’s that the country is use to.